Buying a property is an exciting prospect for most everyone. But, whether you are a first time buyer, or someone that owns multiple properties, it is important to have a trusted agent by your side to guide you through the process. I have never viewed myself as a salesman, as much as an educator. I give my buyers all the information they need to make educated decisions throughout their purchase. It is an intricate process that can often frustrate even the most mild-mannered people. This is where I come in. I help to set the right expectations, head off problems before they happen, and protect you and your money as you make this large investment in your future.

What to Expect in a Normal Purchase Transaction

  • Select the neighborhood you want to live in!

  • Become educated on the current market trends in that neighborhood, so you know what prices to expect and how fast you will need to move.

  • Get custom search emails with homes that meet your needs.

  • Schedule private showings to go find your dream home.

  • Make an offer. Make it strong! (Strong offers have fewer contingencies and higher down payments)

  • Negotiate purchase price and go “under contract.” Upon contract, I will make a calendar schedule for you to follow. It is IMPERATIVE to pay attention to deadlines so that you are NOT in default of your contract.

  • Immediate actions in the first week of being in contract:

    • Schedule home inspection ASAP
    • Apply for mortgage (if applicable)
    • Make initial Escrow deposit
    • Submit condo/HOA application (if applicable)
    • Start home insurance quotes immediately after inspection is back.
  • Continue quickly submitting ALL paperwork requested by mortgage lender/closing company/attorney/condo board (etc).

  • Prior to closing day, make sure funds are wired to closing company as instructed. Make sure your utilities are lined up in your name.

  • Day of closing: Final walk-through prior to signing.

  • CLOSING – lots of signatures… then you get your new keys!

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